Friday, June 1, 2018

WWE legend John Cena reveals which superstar he wants to be his next opponent in the ring

John Cena has revealed he has WWE NXT star EC3 at the top of his wishlist for his next opponent.

The 16-time champion has been involved in a social media spat with EC3, real name Michael Hutter, after he vowed to crush him at WrestleMania.

Cena also works out at the same gym as the 35-year-old and has set his sights on facing off against him sooner rather than later.

EC3 would have to earn a call up to the main roster in order to face Cena, but he former champ is ready and waiting.

"That list is quite long, but there is a fellow who just arrived, and his name is EC3," he is quoted as saying at a MegaCon Q&A session.

"I put him at the top of the list because he has been involved with WWE before, and he is now back, reinvigorated, revitalised, in good shape and is feeling confident about himself.

“He made one mistake, he said that he is going to finish me and take me out of WWE.

"There has been so many people say that, so I would like to have a match with EC3 just to let him know that no matter how good he thinks he is going to do and how hard he tries, he is not on the same planetary scale as me.”

Meanwhile, Cena also insisted he will never become one of Paul Heyman's fighters despite their relationship backstage.

“I have relied on Paul a lot for opinions and insight behind the curtain.

"But I think he is best for those who have trouble articulating opinions when they have [a microphone] in their hand

“Paul would be wasted with me and me likewise with Paul."

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