Friday, June 1, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Edwards speaks about the redemption of IMPACT and the Sami Callihan baseball bat incident

Eddie Edwards confirmed he is very happy with how things are being run at Impact Wrestling under the guidance of Don Callis & Scott D’Amore.

The former Impact Wrestling Champion confirmed that since the new management regime joined the promotion, everybody is on the same page and working towards the same goals of rebuilding the Impact Wrestling brand.

Edwards, 34, from Boston, Massachusetts, also discussed his horrific eye injury which he suffered at the hands of Sami Callihan during a botched spot at a TV taping in January where he was struck in the face with a baseball bat.

Speaking exclusively to Mirror Sport’s Tony Quant, Edwards addressed his busy 2017, the current wrestling landscape and his excitement of what is to come between him and Sami Callihan.

“Since they came in it feels like a new regime but in a good way. Feels like at this point from the guys in the locker room, to the guys in the office, Scott, Don, Sonjay and creative are all on the same page. We are trying to slowly but surely turn things round and get back to where we were in the heyday.”

“Right now the lines of communication are open between everybody which is great, to be able to go back and forth with ideas and creative stuff. It’s nice to just have the team all on the same page going forward and that’s the biggest thing. We can’t have people going in different directions that doesn’t work. Right now it’s a good time.”

“I think everyone welcomed it, it’s a nice change of pace. For so long in wrestling in general it seemed like it was the wrestlers against the office, so its nice show of faith. Basically, you guys do your thing and you can be rewarded and lets do this together.”

“I’m always welcome to a four-sided ring as that’s how I was trained and that’s what we usually wrestle in. I understand a lot of fans are torn because a six-sided ring is something different, its unique and you can do some different things. But we are bringing it back to the old school and wrestling was born in the squared circle.”

“No I didn’t. It speaks to how unique the time is in professional wrestling and that’s not just at Impact. I feel like the world in general from the UK from how booming the business is, to the States and the independent scene there, to the partnerships that Impact has with NOAH, AAA & Lucha Underground.”

“It’s a different time because everybody is trying to work together so you are getting these match ups and people showing up that a year ago you would never get to see. Its given you a chance you to see these quote on quote, dream matches that fans have wanted to see. It’s a crazy time but in a good way.”

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